The ABR Ecolabel governance structure enables its members to contribute democratically to its decision-making process. It is composed of public authorities involved in the arganeraie management plan and calls upon the private sector (ABR EMA) to provide necessary guidance and insights.

The ecolabel commission, being the governing authority, provides support to hundreds of promoters whose production , processing, and distribution processes have positive environmental, economic and social audible impacts in line with the 2030 SDG UN Agenda and according to its standard.

The ABR EMA is composed of six professional groups representatives of Argan, Honey, Medicinal and aromatic herbs, Goat meat and rural Tourism in addition to diverse other domestic products and services within the ABR (Goat cheese, Local chicken, handcraft….).

The ABR EMA , being the secretariat of the ecolabel, with the help of all actors, including the accredited bodies and the Standing ecolabel commission, offers you a bunch of environmentally sustainable and economically equitable local products and services to promote the spirit of ecological civilization within the Argan Biosphere Reserve.