Word from the president

Dear friends, colleagues and fellow travelers on the road towards sustainable development, I am honored and happy to have you here online.
Certainly, the argan oil and other commodities supply chains involve substantial economic activity, impacting vast areas of the global environment and significant numbers of people. Yet the status of our arganeraie is necessitating today and more that ever our collaborative efforts to reverse the loss of biodiversity and to tackle the subsequent social challenges if we want to sustain these benefits.
I would like to thank all the departments of the Ministry of Agriculture departments and particularly the General Director of the Agency for Agricultural Development for his support to set out the ABR ecolabel and for putting his faith and trust in the ABR EMA to facilitate its implementation within the circular economy project.

Being supervised by UNDP and financed by the GEF, this project came out with the ABR ecolabel as a market based instrument to conserve biodiversity and restore the argan ecosystem while improving livelihoods through payment for ecosystem services.
This is in fact a tipping point where we have to celebrate this achievement after a long journey of continuous professional and public consultations.
I would like therefore to sease this opportunity to express my deepest thanks to all stakeholders that contributed in a certain way for making this happen.
Of course the journey is still long to go if we want to attain our full strategic objectives and your willingness and support inspire confidence that we will reach there and allow our business to be more sustainable.
Thanks you all.